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We now have a Dream Meadow Community and Newsletter.

When you join the community you subscribe to the newsletter.


Join us and earn credits for privileged access and community perks (see the perks below).

What to expect in our newsletter

We are still gathering ideas. Initial topics may include:

Thinking Thoughts
Electric Emotions
Divine Deeds (Inspired action)
Quantum Queens and Kundalini Kings (quantum kid raising)
Metaphysical Minis (Metaphysics for kids)
And of course announcements relating to our publications and events.
You can help us in three ways:
  1. Help spread the word by referring our site to others.
  2. Give us suggestions for topics.
  3. Submit an article for publication in the newsletter.

The Referral Perks

(We reserve the right to change these perks at any time)

With just 4 referrals you get to join our Meadowers Group.

As a Meadower you get to beta read upcoming books,
Access private events online (and offline - future dreams),
Help us brainstorm new ideas,
Participate is private Q&A sessions with entrepreneurs, authors and other interesting people.

With 12 credits you are in charge of your own Meadowers Group. It's up to you to monitor group discussions and pass ideas up the Team. (That way we don't get swamped with ideas and comments and the important stuff gets filtered up.)

With 25 credits (not counting any in your group with 12+ under them) you get the next book e-book free.

With 50 credits (not counting any in your group with 12+ under them) you get the next book paperback free.

Ready to have some fun with us and grow our community? Then register her to get your first credits:



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