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Our Approach

Dream Meadow Press

was founded in 2019 by indie author and self-publisher Jim Murdoch to publish his own books, specifically in preparation for his first children's book, Dragon Boy.

Jim Murdoch has been self-publishing since his debut novel, Pursuit, was launched in 2013. Since then he has published a number of fiction books in the metaphysical / visionary genre. He aims to brings out more such fiction stories both for children and the older reader.

The name "Dream Meadow" comes from the story of Dragon Boy where he visits a magical meadow in his imagination where dreams come true. This is an element which can also be found in his other stories, albeit in other forms.

Dream Meadow Press is open to publishing works from other authors. Interested authors should contact us via the contact form.

Why Dream Meadow Press?

We are an independent imprint founded in 2019 mainly for the publication of metaphysical / visionary fiction books. We publish both print and ebooks for children and adults.

Our genre of fiction books explore the sub-conscious realms, the powers of mind and emotion, and allows their characters to discover or develop superpowers or find their objectives in places which exist in other realms.

Some authors of this genre bring together mysterious events, past lives or future probabilities with the real world.

Explore the impossible and then wonder, "Could it be so?"

Welcome to Dream Meadow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to show readers that the accepted truth is not to be blindly trusted. We want to show them how religion, history and science may have alternate views and the mainstream ideas are not necessarily reflecting the truth. A questioning mind is a healthy mind and leads to a balanced caring individual.

Our books present moral values to help readers, especially the children, to live more positive lives.
These values include honesty, tolerance, forgiveness, love, trust, bravery, truth, determination, overcoming fear, and standing up for these same values.

It may be necessary to look inside your heart, mind, to find these values and the paths or actions needed to get out of a sticky situation. Therefore many of the characters may be seen going within, into that meditative place, where they meet their higher selves or a higher being. This is the place where they inevitably will meet with the Creator but not always directly.

DMP holds to the belief that we are all connected on a spiritual level and each of us has a unique connection to the Creator. Therefore to harm another is to harm myself, but to love another is to love myself.

Ultimately is the aim of DMP and it's authors to make the world a better place.

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