Taking Fantasy to New Highs

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This spring, 2019, I will be releasing my first children’s metaphysical fantasy book. It will be my fifth fantasy book overall. Now is the time to be more visible, the time to get real.

Until now I have self-published under Amazon’s Create Space / KDP umbrella. My books were released with free Amazon ISDN numbers. This may have got my books online, and yes I may have a sold a small number, but I feel invisible in the Amazon cloud.

An imprint is something I have thought about for quite some time. Somehow stepping out into a new area of children’s books made me want to be more visible. It is time to present myself as a serious independent author and independent publisher. Dream Meadow Press is the name of my imprint, my publishing house as it were, a name under which my books will be published and through which book retailers can find them.

Based in the UK, Dream Meadow Press will focus firstly on my books, bringing out more children’s books and books for the older reader. As an independent press we are of course open to publish books by other authors who meet our criteria and write in our genre. We don’t print books ourselves but initially at least we will use IngramSparks publishing services and POD – Print on Demand – to deliver print books. Our distribution channels will also run over IngramSparks.

It is an exciting step forward for my writing future and I am excited to continue to offer entertaining stories which get the reader thinking. Life isn’t always what it seems. Sometimes we need a shock to wake up, or a good book to offer inspiration. Dream Meadow Press offers the latter. We look forward to bringing you many such inspiring stories.

Jim and Katharina Murdoch in Ireland
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