5 Reasons why Kids should know about Metaphysics

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  1. If you mind it matters

The sooner a child knows that whatever they give their attention to the greater and more dominant that thing becomes, the better that child will learn to conquer life and its challenges. The negative person will experience much more negative circumstances than the person who is overly positive. Like attracts like. But being positive is more than a passive standing back and let things be attitude. A positive attitude will drive you forward to positive action.

        What we think and feel does matter and does affect our environment. We can change circumstance and outcomes with a positive visualisation and a clear knowing of what we want. If a child learns this early it will serve them well in later life.
  1. There’s more than you can see

      We live in a physical three-dimensional world. This world consists of objects made up of atoms and such. As we know everything is just energy and vibration. But there is more than we can see with our physical eyes. We are not alone on this planet. There are other life forms invisible to our eyes. These may be known as elementals, fairies, spirits, ghosts. The trees are alive, animals are alive, birds fish, plants.
        When children learn that life is precious, no matter in which form, they will develop a mutual respect for life. They may even learn to communicate with plants or animals.
  1. Illusion and reality

        This brings us to the question, what is reality? Some say that we live in an illusion. In some ways they are right. That which we see isn’t real. It is a reflection of what we perceive life to be. Everyone can create their own reality. We see what we want to see, or what we have been programmed to see. What we teach our children in this respect is very important.
        Do we teach them that whatever is is? Or do we teach them to choose and create the reality they want. Children will grasp these things much quicker than we adults. Do we really want them to have the same bad perceptions as we do? Or to perceive the world as a world of possibilities where they can create the life they desire?
  1. Walking as Wizards

        We can literally walk this Earth as wizards. Once our children grasp these truths they will be able to achieve anything. They will become wizards in whatever they chose to be and do. Teach them that their thoughts and feelings with their desires can create anything and they will believe it and live it.
  1. Desires and Destiny

        Our desires are tied in with our destiny. We come to this life with a pre-determined plan and our deepest desires will guide us towards fulfilling that destiny. Don’t expect everyone to be outstanding and media-worthy. Many will go by largely unnoticed but will leave their impact in their own subtle way.
        We live in a subtle world full of subtle energies. Our own thoughts and feelings interact with those subtle, unseen energies. We can change things. Our children, as they learn this, will change the world we live in.

Just so you know. Dragon Boy is a metaphysical fiction novel for kids. Like Eric and Enya they can learn to dream.

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