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Dreamland is a fictional place visited by Eric and his friends in the books “Dragon Boy” and “The Broken Unicorn”. It is an imaginary place yet feels very real to the protagonists. Perhaps there is a real world parallel. When Eric first discovered Dreamland he had been imagining that he was a dragon flying around his town. Then he realised

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5 Reasons why Kids should know about Metaphysics

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If you mind it matters The sooner a child knows that whatever they give their attention to the greater and more dominant that thing becomes, the better that child will learn to conquer life and its challenges. The negative person will experience much more negative circumstances than the person who is overly positive. Like attracts like. But being positive is

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Showing Kids How to Dream

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Our first publication is Dragon Boy (June 2019). This first book aimed at the younger reader deals a lot about dreaming, visualising and manifesting those dreams. Although this is highly fantasised the principles are metaphysical and very real. We ask the author, Jim Murdoch, what were his intentions in writing this story. JM: First of all, let me stress that

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