What is the new EDEN series for teens about?

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What is the new EDEN series for teens about?

The new EDEN series, book 1 ADAM published November 1st, is about kids who grow up to discover their true identity and that not everything which they have been told can be taken as the absolute truth. It is a journey for the main characters to learn to trust themselves and their inner knowing more than even their trusted sources and companions. They learn their innate abilities with which they were born, but in actuality lie innate in every human.

The trilogy as it is conceived, begins with Adam at 10 years old landing on Earth in a small escape craft accompanied only by a holographic projection of his late grandfather. He busies himself with learning and experiments as he meets other children his age from the small town where he lives in an old bookshop which no one noticed before. Their adventure begins as they take a trip out West in search of Adam's space companion, his cousin Chavim. But all is not as it was expected. Someone else know's his secret.

Book 2 focuses on Eva, Adam's young friend, now 14, as she discovers telepathy and remote viewing abilities. Adam is amazed at how quickly she learned. But there is more to Eva than even she herself realises. Her parents hold a secret about her birth and after being kidnapped in London she awakens abilities she never knew were possible. She also uncovers a big evil enterprise and helps understand other life pods and their occupants.

Book 3 is where the mysteries deepen about where Adam and Eva come from. Now 18 as they also pursue their education they find themselves confronted with more mystery, trust challenges and learning their capabilities. The global crime circle uncovered by Eva becomes their focus while at the same time learning who they are and where they truly come from.

The author, Jim Murdoch, has said, "Not everything fictional is fiction." You decide how much is fiction, and remember to leave a review anywhere possible. Get book1 ADAM here.

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