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Dreamland is a fictional place visited by Eric and his friends in the books "Dragon Boy" and "The Broken Unicorn". It is an imaginary place yet feels very real to the protagonists. Perhaps there is a real world parallel.

The meadowWhen Eric first discovered Dreamland he had been imagining that he was a dragon flying around his town. Then he realised that what he imagined had some impact in the real world, even though no one actually saw a dragon. Later he flew over mountains and oceans and found the meadow, a green valley with a center river surrounded by mountains. Afterwards he found he could visit the meadow just be imagining it. This is what he referred to as Dreamland.

The experiences and adventures of the children in these stories taught them there was a mysterious connection between Dreamland and the real world. It was Eric who figured out that whatever happened in Dreamland had some effect in the real world. It also could happen in reverse, that changes in the real world could make changes in Dreamland. For example when Enya fell in Dreamland it rendered her real world body unconscious.

The waterfallBut thanks to the magical creatures of Dreamland Eric learned that by using their imagination they could return to a past event in Dreamland and change the outcome, thus changing the real world outcomes.

The writer believes that we can impact our real world circumstances by utilising the power of imagination. When we take the time to imagine and experience the feelings we desire then outward circumstances can change. It is the writer's desire that his stories and Dreamland will encourage readers young and old to believe in the impossible and create their own Dreams and see them materialise in the real world.

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