Showing Kids How to Dream

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Our first publication is Dragon Boy (June 2019). This first book aimed at the younger reader deals a lot about dreaming, visualising and manifesting those dreams. Although this is highly fantasised the principles are metaphysical and very real. We ask the author, Jim Murdoch, what were his intentions in writing this story.

JM: First of all, let me stress that this story, which is typical of my stories, came to me in a stream of inspiration. I didn't sit down one day and decide to write a children's story and think about what I wanted to write about. I simply put out the request - If I am to write for children then give me a story. After a few days I downloaded the first chapter and the general idea for the rest of it.

DMP: There may be some of our readers wondering about that? Can you elaborate on what you mean be by "downloaded"?

JM: We are all asking for things everyday. Some direct their questions to a Higher Power others address their own higher consciousness. It doesn't really matter who you address. If you need to know something, just ask, and you will get an answer. That is what happened to me. I asked and the story came to me.

DMP: So you asked for a story for kids and you got Dragon Boy? Is there an intended lesson in this story?

JM: Yes, I believe so. My general intention in writing fiction novels is to have a conduit for sharing my ideas of how the universe works and what is important for life. Therefore in all of my books you will find metaphysical elements such as life beyond the grave, a conscious connection to other realms or beings. You will see my characters experience supernatural things like telepathy, mind over matter, or go through deep spiritual experiences where they learn to let go of past dramas and overcome present blocking mindsets.

DMP: Tell us a little more about mindsets.

JM: Everyone lives with mindsets. These are the sets of belief which we pick up from our parents, families, schools and religions. We live in a certain way and do things a certain way only because we believe that is the way it should be. My stories challenge the everyday way of life and the normal unquestioning acceptance of systems which dictate how we should live and what we should believe.

DMP: And Dragon Boy challenges children?

JM: Yes. Eric and Enya show the young reader that we can dream anything and it will come about. Granted, this book fantasises the idea by introducing a Dreamland, a place where dreams come true. But they soon begin to learn that if they dream hard enough that their dreams can come true in the real world as well.

DMP: Dragon Boy is a story of dragons. You seem to use dragons a lot in your books. Why is that?

JM: Dragons again came to me as a way to present a truth. That truth, originally, was that the dragon protects and guards something precious which we must have. It isn't gold or jewels but a sense of purpose and knowing the true self. Once we let go and stop fighting and wanting the dragon steps aside and will be our protector. This idea was developed further in the Dragons and Visions series where dreams and visions play an important role and where dragons add their support to human awareness of higher consciousness.

DMP: Is there something you would like to say to our young audience?

JM: Yes. Dare to dream. If there is something you want, or something which you want changed, them dream it. Visualise how it is if you had that. And be careful who you share it with. Not everyone will understand, as Eric and Enya discovered. Find other dreamers. More and more dreamers are to be found on our planet today.

DMP: We trust our young readers will enjoy Dragon Boy. You can find link a to purchase it here.

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